A Waltz Dream. January 7th 1911.

Hicks Theatre.
Elsie revives the part of Franzi Steingruber, originally played by Gertie Millar.

Gown of green georgette, designed by Lucile. A copy of original worn by Elsie in A Waltz dream. Featured as Model No.178 in Lucile's Paris debut collection, 28th April 1911. Now part of the textile collection at the Museum of London. (Ref 28.125/2. Picture from 1930s London Museum exhibition catalogue.)

Mr Robert Michaelis as Lieut. Niki.

Miss Any Evans as Princess Helena and Mr Robert Michaelis as Lieut. Niki.

From the Play Pictorial.

All Elsie's costumes by Lucile.

The latest in lighting. 1911

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