Gallery - A Chinese Honeymoon

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Miss Lily Elsie as 'Soo Soo'.

Lily Elsie as Soo Soo, Farren Soutar as Tom Hatherton, Marie Dainton as Mrs. Pineapple.

Miss Lily Elsie as 'Soo Soo'.

Mr Farren Soutar, Miss Lily Elsie, Miss Louie Freear. There they are again like Romeo and Juliet.

Miss Lily Elsie and Maids of Honour.

Mr Farren Soutar and Miss Lily Elsie

Lily Elsie, a 'Book Post' card.

The reverse of this card. Postage One Halfpenny. If used in the nature of a Letter, Inland Postage One Penny.

Lily Elsie, Farren Soutar, Marie Dainton, & E. Boyd-Jones

Miss Lily Elsie, Mr Picton Roxborough, Mr Arthur Williams

Ogden's Guinea Gold Cigarettes - Card No 161
Chinese Honeymoon - Williams, Dainton, Roxborough, Elsie, & Soutar.

Lily Elsie, Farren Soutar, Marie Dainton. Photo by Lizzie Caswall Smith

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