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From 'Pamela'.
Duets with Owen Nares. Music by Frederick Norton. Lyrics by Arthur Wimperis. Recorded with the Palace Theatre Orchestra, conducted by Herman Finck, at Hayes, Middlesex on 22nd January 1918.
  • I'm so very Glad I met You. HMV 04224 (Matrix No. HO-3046 af) Click to listen.
  • It's not the things you've got. HMV 04225 (Matrix No. HO-3051 af) Click to listen.
  • I Loved you so. HMV 03602 (Matrix No. HO 3048 af)
  • Waltz theme and Cupid (Finales, Act 2). Duet with Owen Nares. HMV 04223(Matrix No. HO 3053 af)
  • Cupid, Cupid. HMV 03601 (Matrix No. HO 3054 af) Click to listen.
From 'The Blue Train'.
Music by Robert Stolz, Ivy St.Helier and Gorney, lyrics by Dion Titheradge and Reginald Arkell. Recorded with the Prince of Wales's Theatre Orchestra, conductor Charles Prentice, in London on 13th June 1927.

Reginald Arkell.

  • The Blue Train. (Titheradge and Gorney) Columbia 4438 (Matrix No. 5661) Click to listen.
  • When a Girl is in Love with a Man. (Titheradge, Arkell, and Stolz) Duet with Arthur Margetson. Columbia 9223 (Matrix No. AX 2866) Click to listen.
  • Eileen. (Arkell and Stolz) Duet with Arthur Margetson. Columbia 4439 (Matrix No. A 5660)
  • Swiss Fairyland. (Arkell and Stolz) Columbia 4438 (Matrix No. A 5662)
  • You Didn't Ask Me First. (Arkell and St.Helier) Duet with Arthur Margetson. Columbia 9223 (Matrix No. AX 2867) Click to listen.

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There is a CD currently listed online (July 2020)

LILY ELSIE, w.Arthur Margotson, Cicely Debenham and Bobby Howes: THE BLUE TRAIN - Excerpts (Stolz), from Original 1927 Cast recording; LILY ELSIE, w.Owen Nares & G. P. Huntley: PAMELA - Excerpts (Wimperis and Norton, from Original 1918 Cast recording. (England) Palaeophonics 101. Excellent transfers from these 1927/18 recordings, w.Elaborate The Play 20pp. Brochure replete from the London productions.

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