Natal Chart.

We are indebted to DR of Cliffside Park, NJ, USA, for contributing this item.

Elsie's horoscope was no picnic.

First, for the good:  On the night of her debut, June 8th, 1907, the Moon's North Node sextiled her Neptune (I always try to avoid the technical talk, but some is unavoidable).

You could not have asked for a more timely infusion of the actor's heightened artistic inspiration & the audience's reciprocal willingness to listen & be swept up in a performance.  The wall between the performer and those seated melts.

Given her aversion to steady effort, there's one discrepancy.  There's an aspect of her natal chart that implied steadfast perseverance and the ability to toil endlessly with remarkable self-discipline.  I didn't see that in the biographical details.

Her failed marriage and eventual descent into unhealthy solitude did match her Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all adversely aspected to her natal Pluto.  The thought of being flexible & receptive to compromise - in both her active mind & unconscious being - must have been instinctively anathema to her.

I substantively focus only on her Venus at an angle of 90* to Pluto, which has been all too commonly associated with doomed-from-the-start romantic liaisons and marriages, a limbo of permanent frustration with members of the opposite sex.  Very few people born with this albatross beat the odds against them; their failed marriages are legend.

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