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This web site is intended to be a source of information about the life & work of the Edwardian actress Miss Lily Elsie (1886-1962).

Music Inspired by Elsie's Life

Lily Elsie

New music by Angelin Fonda.
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The Evolution of a Web Site.

My interest in Miss Lily Elsie started purely by accident.  Whilst at college in Reading, England, during the early eighties I would often spend my spare time browsing through the various emporia offering 'antiques and collectibles'.  On one such foray I purchased a couple of 'real photo' postcards, selected because I liked the frocks.  It was some time before I read the titles and realised that both cards depicted the same woman, Miss Lily Elsie.

After several years collecting I now have many lovely photographs of Elsie.  This web site has been built to share them along with such biographical information as I have been able to gather.  The first pages you see here were 'uploaded' on 7th June 2002.

This site is updated whenever I acquire new pictures or information.  There are now over 395 photographs of Elsie in the gallery pages.  To assist previous visitors returning to the site I have added a 'What's new?' page to guide them to the new material.

Any offers of information, or suggestions for sources of information would be much appreciated.  This is a non-commercial site so no payment can be made, but any contributed text will be credited to the author with a link to their site if they wish.

There is still much to do - so please come back soon.

January 2023

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